Cider House FAQ

  • Can minors be at the Cider House?

    • No, 21 and older only. This is because of our state issued liquor license.​

  • Do you accept Cash?

    • Card or digital payments only, no cash accepted.

  • Do I need a reservation?

    • We are a counter service establishment that is first come first serve, no reservations. If you are interested in renting out the cider house for a private event, please contact us.​

  • Is the Cider House celiac safe?

    • Everything on tap and all food prepared are gluten free and celiac safe.​

  • Can I bring my own food?

    •  Because we are a celiac safe space, we do not allow any outside food to avoid cross contamination. If you are wanting to bring a dessert for an occasion, we will allow an item prepared in a commercial gluten free kitchen. We recommend our friends at New Cascadia.

  • Is there outdoor seating available?

    • We have two sections of outdoor seating, the patio has one large table with a fire, otherwise it is not heated.

  • Are pets allowed at the Cider House?

    • Puppers are welcome in our outdoor seating! (sign your doggo up for the PDX Pup Passport!)

  • I'm travelling internationally

    • Oregon state law requires a passport for verification of drinking age, please bring with.

Further questions or concerns, please email or call 971.352.6109